Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting Shorty

I've always wanted a turtle ever since I was five years old. Several years later I got this short necked turtle called, Shorty.

I really love him.

Every night I feed him either meat or worms for his dinner. He is funny to watch because he snaps his food & fights with the worms.

Shorty lives in a big tank in my room. The tank has three big rocks and some fake leaves .
He has a big light which he sunbakes under to harden his shell.
I have to turn off the light at night because I cannot get to sleep.
That's the story of my turtle, Shorty.


  1. Thats good you have a new friend and family member.

  2. Im so excited that you have a blog bill! I cannot wait to meet shorty! xxxx

  3. Hey Bill! I love your new blog, it looks fantastic. What a great little guy Shorty is, I hope you have lots of fun with him xo

  4. Hi Bill - it's Mum's friend Hannah here. I have never followed anybody on their blog before and I am so excited to be able to follow you. Shorty is such a great little turtle. I used to have one called Sebastian. Bye for now, Love, Hannah